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As the cost of labour and consumables become increasing more expensive so the cost of time on site and avoidable mistakes increase with them.

In addition, as systems become more complex and start to include outside environments such as IP networks so the time taken to commission a site also increases.  Impro Technologies understands that time is money and appreciates the impact that well trained and competent staff can have on the bottom line.  As such we have invested substantial time and money in creating our Accreditation program with dedicated training staff and purpose built facilities for our courses in both Johannesburg and Durban.

The Accreditation program is made up of two parts namely Certification and Accreditation, and is open to any individual or installation companies interested in being able to competently install Impro products.
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 Impro Training Schedule Q1 - 2016 
Q1 2016 rev2 a 
Q1 2016 rev2 



Certified training is offered on four levels:

Commencing on the Base Level we have a Dynamic sales training course which is aimed at providing product knowledge and system topology information.

  • The Primary Level offers the Optimum cabling and Hardware Installation course.  This is a practical cabling course for all our products and forms an essential basis for the levels to follow.
  • The Second Intermediate Level offers the Installer Software Configuration training for the IXP 220 and for the IXP400 systems.  The Intermediate level is a crucial building block for the all sites.  Software needs to be configured correctly and software technicians must be able to ascertain that the hardware and cabling installation is complete and adheres to Impro installation standards and best practices.
  • The Third Comprehensive Level offers specific modules for Building Management and Biometric integration into the IXP systems.  The Comprehensive level ensures that the standard of knowledge is expanded from previous levels.  The installer must attend a device specific course where intense training is offered on devices and software modules.
  • And the Advance Level Four offers Advanced IXP Configuration which includes integration, advanced site management and custom reports.  This level proceeds to expand the site and system to its full capacity.


All successful candidates will receive a Training certificate which is valid for 18 months.

Coupled with the initial Certified Training Program, we have also instituted an installer re-evaluation process which will ensure that all installers are kept up to date with new features, products and software versions.

This certification is a formal recognition of an individual’s achievements and is linked to NFQ standards. Getting your installer accredited will be of benefit to your organisation and your customers as well as contribute towards your company’s accreditation.

Certified Training has been designed to ensure that installers are trained to the highest standard, with the all skills required to install the ImproX systems with ease and accuracy.
The main benefits for installers are:
  •     Maintain an updated knowledge of all products
  •     Increased troubleshooting and installation skills
  •     Access to advanced installation tools
  •     Knowledge of Site management procedures
The main benefits for the company are:
  •     More effective and skilled Installers
  •     Improved retention of clients
  •     Improved customer service
  •     Cost effective turn-around of installations
The main benefits for the customer are:
  •     Customers are fully informed as to all options available
  •     Sites specifications are correct
  •     Improved customer service is received
  •     Sites are installed within the allocated time
  •     Sites work efficiently from the inception
  •     Operator training is received

The Impro Technologies Accredited Program is aimed at recognising all Installer Companies who have met the essential requirements.  An accreditation application will have to be presented to various departments to gain a scoring before final Accreditation can be awarded.
How to become an Impro Accredited Company:
Step 1:
Register for our Impro Technologies certified training at an Accreditation Centre in either Johannesburg or Durban.  National courses are also offered throughout the year in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.  Certified training is presented at four levels:
Base Level
Dynamic Sales Training
Half Day
Primary Level                                             
Optimum Cabling and Hardware Installations       
One full day
Intermediate Level                                      
IXP220 Installation & Configuration                       
One full day
IXP400 Installation & Configuration                       
Three full days                                                     
Comprehensive Level                                
ImproNet and Biometrics                                       
One full day
ImproNet and BMS                                                 
One full day
Expert Level                                              
Advanced Configuration and Integration               
One full day
Step 2:
Once you have successfully completed the certified training, then the company can submit the Installer Accreditation application to any of our Accreditation Centres where all reference sites will be verified.  Reference sites must conform to the following:
Base Level                                               
1x IXP220 site or IXP400 site installations
Primary Level   
3x IXP220 site or IXP400 site installations with at least one controller per site per technician.
Intermediate Level
2 x IXP220 and 2 x IXP400 site installations with at least one controller per site per technician.
Comprehensive Level
3 x IXP220 and 3 x IXP400 site installations with at least one controller per site and at least three sites with either Sagem or B-Sho readers on site or any Impro third party integration systems per technician.
Expert Level   
4 x IXP220 and 4 x IXP400 site installations where at last one site must be a multi-controller site per technician.
Step 3:
Company Accreditation Certificates will be issued to all registered dealers on a biannual basis (i.e. May and November) and be valid for 12 months. The following criteria will be assessed:
Number and level of accredited technicians:
Training is a primary factor for this accreditation process and the number of employed technicians and the level they have achieved will contribute towards the final accreditation status;

Number of sites installed:
The number of sites relevant to the number of controllers, will be rated;

Support Centre usage:
Support calls are rated where foundational queries, such as those covered in our training will be taking in considered together with relevant queries such as advanced integration and site specific queries.

Account Analysis:
Account consideration will include buying power, account history and brand loyalty.